How Tankless Water Heaters Work

Working of Tankless Water Heater

If you’re thinking about replacing your old water heater, consider upgrading to a tankless unit instead. These revolutionary water heating units provide instantaneous and unlimited hot water, all the while requiring less energy than conventional models. In other words, you’ll lower your energy bills while enjoying on-demand hot water anywhere in your home, even if you decide to take a hot shower while the laundry machine and dishwasher are running. Before you contact a water heater installation company in Jacksonville , read this brief article to get an idea of how tankless water heaters work. Working of a Tankless Water Heater

Heat Exchanger

Tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand water heaters, provide piping-hot water when you want it thanks to a powerful heat exchanger. A heat exchanger is simply a device that transfers heat from one source to another. In a tankless water heater, the heat exchanger transfer heat generated by electric coils or a gas-fired burner to the water that comes out of your faucet. The heat exchanger inside a tankless water heater is activated by the incoming flow of water, which eliminates standby heat loss and makes tankless systems more efficient than conventional water heaters.

Point-of-Use vs. Whole-House System

Tankless water heaters come in two varieties: point-of-use and whole-house heaters. Point-of-use water heaters are more compact and used to heat water for one of two outlets only. Whole-house systems, on the other hand, are larger and can operate more than one outlet at a time. This means no more fighting in your house about who gets to take a hot shower next or who used up all the hot water.

If you think a tankless water heater is right for your home, contact a Jacksonville plumbing company that specializes in water heater repair and replacement. Your plumber will help you select the perfect unit based on your household’s hot water needs.