• Costly Mistakes to Avoid During Your Kitchen Remodel

    A kitchen remodel is a great way to boost the value of your home, while also improving the functionality and style of your space. With services from a licensed kitchen remodeler in Jacksonville , you will be able to build the kitchen of your dreams. As you are planning your kitchen remodel, however, it is important to consult with your kitchen and bathroom design team to make sure that you are preventing some common plumbing pitfalls. Here is a closer look at some costly mistakes that you will want to avoid during your remodel. Kitchen Remodeling in Jacksonville, TX

    Purchasing Your Sink Last

    While a new kitchen sink may not be the most exciting component of your renovation, it is very critical to pick out your sink, before you begin any plumbing or countertop installation work. If you redo your pipes or counters before you have selected a sink, you may find that your new sink does not fit in your space. By selecting your sink first, you will avoid having to redo your pipes or countertops at a later phase of the remodel.

    Choosing Incompatible Pipes

    For your plumbing system to flow smoothly and safely, all of its pipes must be fitter securely together. When you are installing new pipes in your kitchen, you will need to make sure that your brand new pipes are compatible with the old pipes that will be forming the connections. If you happen to choose incompatible pipes, your plumber may be able to provide you with adjustable fittings.

    Neglecting to Hire a Contractor

    If you are very handy around the house, you may be tempted to perform many of your plumbing renovations and repairs using your own tools and equipment. However, neglecting to hire a professional contractor may end up costing you a fortune in the long run. By working with an experienced contractor, throughout every stage of your kitchen renovation, you can make sure that all of your new kitchen elements and appliances are installed safely and correctly.

  • Answers to Common Questions About Plumbing Repairs

    It’s easy to overlook how much convenience plumbing provides until something goes wrong. If you’re wondering if you need to call a plumber in Jacksonville , then keep reading to learn the answers to common questions about plumbing repairs.
    Clog Removal Service by Eagerton Plumbing
    How can I prevent the need for clog removal?
    Drain clogs are a common plumbing problem that can be frustrating and require the assistance of a plumber to address. Luckily, there are some simple steps that you can take to prevent clogs from forming. First, be mindful of what you put down your drains. Items like coffee grounds, cooking grease, and starchy foods are some of the most common culprits when it comes to clogged drains. Also, install drain strainers that will catch hair and prevent it from going down your drains.

    What can I do about a running toilet?
    In most cases, a toilet runs because the flap that closes over the bottom of the tank isn’t completely covering the hole. This problem allows water to leak out slowly, causing the toilet to continue running water to keep the tank full. Typically, this type of toilet repair simply requires a new flapper. In other cases, running toilets are the result of a faulty fill valve, which can usually be resolved by adjusting or replacing the component.

    How do I fix a dishwasher that won’t drain?
    In many cases, this type of problem does not require that you buy a new dishwasher. First, check the dishwasher’s filter to be sure that it isn’t blocked by debris. Next, make sure that the hose to the drain line isn’t kinked. If your dishwasher drains through the garbage disposal, then you should determine if the garbage disposal is clogged. Next, if your dishwasher has an airgap, check to see if water comes out of it, which indicates that there is a clog between it and the garbage disposal. Lastly, test the drain valve and clean the drain tube. If the dishwasher still doesn’t drain, then contact a plumber for an inspection.

  • Is a Tankless Water Heater Right for Your Home?

    Tankless water heater technology has become increasingly popular for today’s homeowners. In comparison to a conventional hot water heater, which uses energy throughout every hour of the day and night, a tankless water heater is much more efficient. With services from a plumber who installs tankless water heaters near Jacksonville , you can rest assured that your new unit is designed to provide you with the best efficiency and performance. To help you determine whether you are ready to make the switch from a regular water heater, here are some factors that can help you decide whether a tankless water heater will be right for your home. Tankless Water Heater for Home

    You Are Seeking Hot Water On Demand

    If your current water heater seems to constantly run out of hot water when it is least convenient, this is a sign that you may be ready for a tankless installation. A tankless water heater creates hot water as it is needed, so you can rest assured that your plumbing system will never run cold.

    Your Hot Water Bills Are Too High

    When you find yourself struggling to pay your hot water bill every month, this may indicate that you do not have the best system for your home. With a new, tankless water heater installation, you can dramatically cut back on your hot water bills. Since a tankless water heater shuts off when it is not in use, it will be able to conserve energy on a daily basis.

    You Want Extra Storage Space

    A common problem with conventional, tank-style water heaters is that they require large amounts of storage space. If you live in a smaller home or apartment, and you find that you need more space in your closets or other storage areas, now is the time to make the switch to a tankless system. With a tankless water heater, you can free up tons of storage space in your home, without having to sacrifice the performance of your water heater.

  • Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters: Which Is Right for You?

    Everybody needs a water heater, but now you get to choose between tank and tankless kinds. Although both types can do an adequate job of heating up your water, you’ll need to pick one. A tankless water heater in Jacksonville tends to be smaller, more efficient, and less prone to water damage than a traditional hot water heater, and these factors tend to sway customers in their direction. If you are still debating between tank and tankless water heaters, read ahead and find out which one is right for your house. Tankless Water Heater Installation in Jacksonville, TX


    If you don’t have a great deal of space to work with in your home, you might have limited options in terms of hot water heaters. One of the primary advantages of tankless water heaters is that they take up a fraction of the space that a conventional water heater does. Since traditional hot water heaters need the space to accommodate their large tanks, they’re not always the best fit for smaller living spaces. Tankless water heaters can be installed in cabinets and on walls, staying out of the way and letting you maximize your space.


    When you have a large container of hot water that isn’t being used, much of the heat will escape into the atmosphere. This is called standby heat loss. Hot water heaters were vulnerable to this kind of heat loss for a long time, but tankless water heaters can address this fallback. Modern units heat your water when you need it, not beforehand. This means that you won’t have a basin of water that needs constant heating, even when it’s not in use. Your tankless water heater will benefit from much greater efficiency thanks to this lack of heat loss.

    Potential for Water Damage

    Since traditional hot water heaters have tanks and tankless units don’t, traditional units are more prone to leaks. These leaks can lead to water damage in the home, which can in turn contribute to quite a few additional problems. Tankless water heaters don’t present this same kind of hazard, so many people consider them the safer option.

  • Options to Consider When You Are Remodeling Your Shower

    A bathroom remodel is a savvy investment for your home. When you hire a plumber serving Jacksonville to perform a bathroom remodel for your property, you may want to take the opportunity to create the luxurious shower enclosure of your dreams. A professional bathroom remodeler can provide you with bathroom design ideas that will help you to achieve a gorgeous new shower installation. After you have gathered your inspiration, you will be ready to embark on your remodeling project.

    During your bathroom remodel, there are a few shower ideas that you might want to consider. Today’s homeowners are choosing to tile their shower walls and floors with luxurious ceramic tile. A new showerhead can provide you with a spa-like atmosphere at home. Other premium details, such as frameless shower doors, can help to complete your new shower design. If shower safety is a priority, you can also ask your bathroom remodeling contractor to help you choose a non-slip surface for your new shower floor.

    Bathroom Remodeling in Jacksonville, TX

  • How Your Plumber Can Help You Save the Earth

    While routine services from your plumber can be very beneficial for your house, you may be surprised to learn that your plumber can also help you protect the Earth and our environment. During your next plumbing repair appointment in Jacksonville, be sure to ask your plumber about bathroom design features that can make your home more eco-friendly. By replacing some of your major fixtures and appliances, you can conserve water and go green at home. Let’s review some ways that your plumber can help you save the Earth. Plumbing Repair Services in Jacksonville, FL

    Replace Old Toilets

    Perhaps one of the most effective ways that you can save the planet through your plumbing is by replacing your old toilets. Toilets that are more than three decades old can waste significant amounts of water when they are flushed. In fact, your toilet may be using up to 7 gallons each time that you go to the bathroom. Replacing your old toilet with a new model can help you to save up to 5 gallons or more per flush.

    Fix Hidden Leaks

    Hidden plumbing leaks can be major sources of water loss throughout your home. If you are concerned that your plumbing system is wasting water, you might want to hire your plumber to perform leak detection services. Using advanced technology, a plumber can trace leaks to their origins and repair them completely. Fixing your hidden plumbing leaks can help you to save dozens of gallons of wasted water every week.

    Install Low Flow Fixtures

    Another eco-smart service is low flow shower fixture installation. Today’s shower fixture manufactures have created low flow models that offer the same water pressure and overall feel, while saving gallons of water every minute that the shower is turned on. You are sure to be amazed at the great showering experience that a low flow fixture has to offer you. A professional plumber will be happy to provide you with additional details about how upgrading your plumbing can preserve the planet.

  • Doing Your Part to Conserve Water

    Water conservation is a top concern for homeowners around the country. If you are concerned that you may be using excess water at home, now may be the time to consult with your plumber. By performing a kitchen or bathroom remodel near Jacksonville, you will be able to replace your outdated fixtures and appliances with new features that are designed to save water. A new tankless water heater installation can also help you reduce the water that you consume on a daily basis.

    Along with working on renovations with your kitchen remodeler, there are also specific plumbing repair procedures that can help to cut back on water waste throughout your household. A pinhole plumbing leak can end up wasting hundreds of gallons of water each month. By taking the time to locate and repair leaks throughout your plumbing system, you will take major steps towards conserving water at home. Your plumber can provide you with additional information about how you can start saving water with your home’s plumbing system.

    Water Conservation

  • Tips for Keeping Your Drains Clear

    When you have a severely clogged drain in your home, you may find yourself calling up your plumber to schedule emergency repairs. Rather than waiting for an emergency to schedule plumbing repair for your system, you may want to take proactive steps to help avoid clogs in the first place. Your plumber serving Jacksonville can provide you with the information that you need to keep clogs away from your drains. If you are wondering how to prevent clogs in your home’s plumbing system, read on for some essential tips for keeping your drains clear. Drainage Cleaning in Jacksonville, TX

    Run Hot Water After Each Use

    One of the most essential steps for keeping your drains clear is to take basic steps to eliminate clogs from forming in the first place. After each time that you use a sink or other plumbing fixture that contains a faucet and drain, you will want to run hot water through the system. The hot water will naturally remove buildup and grime, thereby helping to prevent clogs from developing in your drains.

    Purchase Quality Drain Screens

    Drain screens are your plumbing system’s best line of defense against clogs. The role of a drain screen is to catch hair, soap scum, and other particles, while still allowing the water to properly flow down the drain. Without a drain screen, you may find that your drains develop clogs very quickly. If some of your drains do not currently have screens, be sure to talk to your plumber about the possibility of having new screens installed.

    Use Natural Cleaning Solutions

    While chemical drain cleaners can cause significant damage to your entire plumbing system, there are some natural remedies that you can use to remove minor clogs. Baking soda, for example, can be used to flush away small clogs in your system. If you have started to notice that your drains are running more slowly than usual, you may want to consider a baking soda treatment. In the event that baking soda cannot clear the clog, you will know that it is time to contact your plumber.

  • A Look at Common Plumbing Tools

    Whether you’re considering what types of tools you should have around the house or thinking about becoming a plumber serving Jacksonville yourself, a good place to start is with the tools that get the job done. Many of them will look familiar, and you might already have some of them in your household. See this video clip for a look at common plumbing tools.

    When you think about plumbing tools, a plunger might be the first piece of equipment that comes to mind. Depending on the nature of the clog and the type of drain that has the obstruction, a toilet plunger or a sink plunger might do the trick. An auger is another tool that can be used to fix clogged drains, and it might be a more viable choice for tougher clogs. Your plumber will also use wrenches, screwdrivers, and other common tools when working on your water heater or toilet.

  • Making Your Bathroom More Efficient

    When it comes time for a bathroom remodel near Jacksonville, you should take the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your household . You can work with your bathroom remodeler to choose a bathroom design that is practical, intuitive, and energy efficient. Many of today’s toilets operate much more efficiently than older models do, which can save you a substantial amount of money in the long term. Continue on to find out what you can do to make your bathroom more efficient.

    One of the best aspects of a bathroom remodel is the ability to make your bathroom more efficient. Homeowners spend a great deal of money on energy bills and utilities, but increasing your efficiency will reduce the amount you spend on monthly household expenses. Consider upgrading your appliances and fixtures to more energy efficient models. Your toilet, sink, and showerhead can all contribute to high energy bills, but energy efficient units will keep your expenses in check. If you are tired of constantly calling for toilet repair, talk to your plumber and choose a new toilet for your bathroom. Sinks and showerheads also come in more efficient models that can help you save water and, in turn, money.

    An Elegant Bathroom