• Tips for Choosing New Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

    When doing a bathroom remodel , one of the most important decisions you will have to make is picking out your bathroom plumbing fixtures. You should do this as early in the process as possible to ensure that you pick out fixtures that fit your budget. Your fixtures should also match your bathroom design near Jacksonville and meet your needs. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right bathroom plumbing fixtures. Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures in Jacksonville, TX

    Look at photos of recent bathroom renovations to see what kind of fixtures you like.

    Before you begin a bathroom remodel, you should sit down and take a look at different remodeling options. You can even create a scrapbook using photos of showers, sinks, and bathroom fixtures that you like. This will make it easier to come up with a bathroom design that works for you.

    Decide which fixtures will look best with your sink.

    Have you picked out the type of sink that you are going to install yet? If not, you should do that before you settle on your fixtures. Different sinks will look better with different fixtures, so you should have your sink selected when you sit down to start considering different options. It will help you make a good decision.

    Choose the right fixtures for your family.

    If you have children, you might find that a wide-spread faucet will work best for you. It will come equipped with separate hot and cold handles and will make things easier on your kids. If you want to try a more decorative look, a wall-mounted faucet might be a better choice. You need to carefully consider which fixtures would be most functional for you.

    Keep the overall style of your bathroom in mind.

    There are several different fixture finishes available , and they all work well in different settings. Bronze is a good choice for traditional bathrooms, while polished nickel is better for contemporary bathrooms. Meanwhile, chrome is an excellent selection if you are trying to cut costs. Go with the fixtures that match your bathroom’s specific style.

  • How Your Bathroom Plumbing Works

    Your bathroom plumbing system is composed of three essential features. Along with your hot and cold water supply, your bathroom plumbing also contains a drain and a vent. The drain and the vent work in harmony to effectively eliminate wastewater from your bathroom. In order to allow water to flow through your pipes, each drain line must be connected to a vent. If you are experiencing a problem with your water heater or bathroom plumbing, you should be sure to contact a plumber serving Jacksonville. With the services of a highly rated plumber, you can ensure that your bathroom receives the drain and toilet repair services that it needs the most. To learn more about the essentials of bathroom plumbing repair, be sure to check out this video from expertvillage.

  • The Steps of Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

    The summer season has arrived, and during the warm months of the year it is likely that your plumbing system will experience more use than usual. From your water heater to your household drains and more, it is a great idea to make sure that all of your plumbing fixtures are in great working shape this summer. One of the most common plumbing repair emergencies in the summer is a broken garbage disposal. Fortunately, a plumber serving Jacksonville will be able to help you repair your garbage disposal and restore your kitchen sink to usable condition. To help you keep from needing to call the plumber, read on for some essential tips for maintaining your garbage disposal. Garbage Disposal Maintenance

    Run Your Disposal Often

    One of the best ways to make sure that your garbage disposal remains in peak working condition is to make sure that you turn on your appliance on a routine basis. If your garbage disposal is left to sit unused for days or weeks at a time, its internal components could become compromised. When you run your disposal, be sure to send cold water down the drain.

    Be Careful With Your Waste

    While your garbage disposal may seem like it can handle any type of cooking waste, it is actually important to be careful with what you send down the drain. Items such as bones, corn husks, or starchy potatoes, can all clog or damage your garbage disposal blades. When in doubt, you should always scrape food scraps into the trash.

    Clean the Blades Routinely

    To get the best performance from your garbage disposal over its lifespan, it is critical to make sure that you clean the blades on a routine basis. When you clean the blades, you can use a combination of ice cubes, rock salt, and white vinegar. The ice and salt will sharpen the blades, and the white vinegar will help to eliminate any odors. With these simple steps, you will be able to keep your disposal running great.

  • Tips for Planning a Bathroom Remodel

    If you are looking for a great way to add value and convenience to your home, you may want to consider a bathroom remodel. When you work with a bathroom remodeler in Jacksonville , you can transform your outdated space into the luxurious and comfortable oasis of your dreams. Whether you are planning on selling your home in the future or are simply seeking a change, a bathroom remodel is one of the best home improvement projects that you can perform for your property. As you are planning your bathroom design, there are several steps that will go into the process. To help you get started, here are some essential tips for planning your bathroom remodel. Backsplash Tiling by Eagerton Plumbing

    Create a Budget
    When you are planning a bathroom remodel , one of the first steps that you will need to take is to create a budget for your project. Some factors to consider when you are creating a budget include new plumbing fixtures, flooring, and countertops. It is also a great idea to leave some wiggle room in your budget for any unexpected expenses that may arise.

    Consider Your Goals
    Along with creating a budget, it is also critical to think about your goals for your bathroom remodeling project. For example, you may want to consider whether you need a full bath, or if a half bath will suit your needs. In addition, you can factor in other considerations, such as whether kids or other family members will be sharing the bathroom space.

    Choose Fixtures and Finishes
    After you have drawn up your bathroom design plans, your next step will be to choose the fixtures and finishes that match with your aesthetic. Some of the features that you may want to include in your new bathroom include sleek new bath fixtures, luxurious backsplashes and countertops, and versatile storage cabinets. By working with a company that specializes in bathroom design, you can rest assured that you will get the most out of your bathroom remodel.