• Exploring Kitchen Layout Options

    If you’re considering an all-out kitchen remodel near Jacksonville, take the time to decide what kind of layout is most conducive to your needs. The right layout will make sense for your home design and the way your family uses the kitchen, and it might have a spot for a water heater built into a cabinet. Kitchen islands are popular among modern home designs, but one wall and L-shapes are trending as well. Before you decide, you should learn about the pros and cons that each one has to offer. Read on and explore some kitchen layout options.

    Kitchen Islands

    Your kitchen remodel should make your space more versatile, accommodating, and aesthetically appealing, and a kitchen island can help on each of these levels. Your island might include a sink for preparing food, cabinets for storing your food prep materials, and seats so your guests can chat with you while you get dinner ready. It also opens more opportunities to accent your kitchen design scheme, no matter what the theme may be. If you have the space for it, a kitchen island could transform your space for the better.

    Explore Kitchen Layout Options by Eagerton Plumbing

    One Wall

    If you don’t have the room for a kitchen island and your primary objective is to save space, then a one wall setup might be the right call. This is ideal for smaller spaces like studio apartments and loft spaces. In this case the entire food preparation area is set against one wall. That means cabinets, sinks, countertops, and any other food preparation areas and appliances. The one wall layout is an effective way to make the most of your space, especially when you don’t have much to work with. In addition, you won’t have to worry about corner cabinets.


    If corners don’t bother you and you have the space for it, an L-shape kitchen layout may be perfect. This design features cabinetry and food preparation areas that run along one wall and wrap around to the perpendicular wall. It doesn’t matter which side of the “L” is longer, and both sides can even be the same length.

  • Comparing Undermount and Drop-in Kitchen Sinks

    Finding the perfect color scheme for your kitchen is essential for your design, and the right palette may be just what your kitchen was missing. However, you also need to think about the aesthetics and practicality of your appliances and fixtures when you get ready for a kitchen to remodel near Jacksonville. Kitchen design and bathroom design are unique because you must think about what kind of sink you want and how it will affect your space. Consider maintenance, cost, and how you want your kitchen to be laid out. Here’s how under-mount and drop-in kitchen sinks compare.Drop-in Kitchen Sinks in Jacksonville, TX

    Ease of Maintenance

    The characteristic that defines the difference between under-mount and drop-in kitchen sinks is the way it was installed. While the former is installed from under the counter, the latter “drops in” to the counter. In terms of maintenance, they both have their perks. An under-mount sink doesn’t have lips that rest on the countertop, so it makes it easier to keep the surfaces of your counters clean. Drop-in may be your choice if you’re more concerned about cleaning the sink itself because you’ll have easy access to the whole sink.

    Affordability and Resale Value

    Undermount and drop-in kitchen sinks both have pros and cons in the finance category too, so do your research before you get your kitchen to remodel going. Drop-in sinks are less expensive than under-mounts. The sinks themselves are much more affordable, but the installation discount is not as much of a jump. If you plan on selling your house, you should know that under-mount sinks offer better resale value, but this is not by a huge margin either. In general, under-mount sinks offer more potential value, while drop-in sinks are more cost-effective from the beginning.

    Countertop Space

    A busy kitchen may be difficult to work in, so an under-mount sink is a way to go if you need all the countertop space you can get. Since there aren’t any lips overlapping from the sink to the countertop, your work area will look and feel more open. Think about what’s most important to your kitchen remodel to make the best choice.

  • Costly Mistakes to Avoid During Your Kitchen Remodel

    A kitchen remodel is a great way to boost the value of your home, while also improving the functionality and style of your space. With services from a licensed kitchen remodeler in Jacksonville , you will be able to build the kitchen of your dreams. As you are planning your kitchen remodel, however, it is important to consult with your kitchen and bathroom design team to make sure that you are preventing some common plumbing pitfalls. Here is a closer look at some costly mistakes that you will want to avoid during your remodel. Kitchen Remodeling in Jacksonville, TX

    Purchasing Your Sink Last

    While a new kitchen sink may not be the most exciting component of your renovation, it is very critical to pick out your sink, before you begin any plumbing or countertop installation work. If you redo your pipes or counters before you have selected a sink, you may find that your new sink does not fit in your space. By selecting your sink first, you will avoid having to redo your pipes or countertops at a later phase of the remodel.

    Choosing Incompatible Pipes

    For your plumbing system to flow smoothly and safely, all of its pipes must be fitter securely together. When you are installing new pipes in your kitchen, you will need to make sure that your brand new pipes are compatible with the old pipes that will be forming the connections. If you happen to choose incompatible pipes, your plumber may be able to provide you with adjustable fittings.

    Neglecting to Hire a Contractor

    If you are very handy around the house, you may be tempted to perform many of your plumbing renovations and repairs using your own tools and equipment. However, neglecting to hire a professional contractor may end up costing you a fortune in the long run. By working with an experienced contractor, throughout every stage of your kitchen renovation, you can make sure that all of your new kitchen elements and appliances are installed safely and correctly.

  • Don’t Make These Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

    Before you embark on a kitchen remodeling project, it is important to research the do’s and don’ts of kitchen renovations. In this video from Consumer Reports, you will hear some real testimonies from homeowners who have regrets about their kitchen remodel projects. A professional kitchen remodeler serving Jacksonville can help you make savvy decisions about the layout and finishes throughout your kitchen.

    If you have decided that you are ready for a quality kitchen renovation for your home, now is the time to get in touch with your plumber. Along with providing you with sewer line installation and other plumbing services, your technician can also assist you with every step of your kitchen remodel.

  • Smart Ideas for Your Kitchen Upgrade

    With a kitchen remodel coming up, it is important to find smart additions and ideas that will create a successful project. Whether you are looking at a kitchen or bathroom design , extra storage and appliance upgrades are crucial. These additions will save you space and money in the long run, which will ensure your kitchen remodel near Jacksonville is a success. Continue reading for more smart ideas for your kitchen upgrade.

    Add More Storage Smart Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling in Jacksonville, FL

    Storage is one of the most important additions to a kitchen remodel, and it is often forgotten in favor of unneeded appliances and extra furniture. However, you will always be looking for areas to store pots, dishware, bakeware, and spices. With this in mind, it is smart to add storage wherever you can. Add more shelves and cabinets around your kitchen and dining space. Fill in an empty corner of your countertop with a built-in lazy Susan, and consider adding a kitchen island for more cabinet and countertop space. You can also hang pots and pans from the ceiling or on the kitchen walls to maximize your available space.

    Upgrade Old Appliances

    Many kitchen appliances that are five years and older are not as energy efficient as appliances are today. When an appliance is not energy efficient, that means it is using more energy than required to perform a task. By upgrading your old appliances—such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven—to newer versions, you can save money on your energy bills. Many newer appliances also offer various features that can save you money in other ways. For example, new refrigerators can maintain foods for longer, and new dishwashers can use less water.

    Update Insufficient Lighting

    Lighting is an important feature in your kitchen. To allow in as much light as possible, consider updating your windows for more natural light. Talk with your kitchen remodeler about installing task lighting and ambient lighting too. These lighting additions can help you prepare your food, host parties, and eat dinner with your family.

  • Changes to Make in a Kitchen Remodel

    When you undergo a kitchen remodel in Jacksonville , you can make your kitchen more functional and comfortable, and increase the resale value of your home. An experienced kitchen remodeler can help you determine what the best kitchen remodel choices are to improve the aesthetics and value of your home.

    A kitchen remodel is the perfect opportunity to have your plumber install appliances that are more energy-efficient. Low-flow kitchen faucets, eco-friendly tankless water heaters, and energy-efficient refrigerators, dishwashers, and garbage disposals can make your home greener and lower your water bills. Your kitchen remodeler can also come up with useful, creative ways to create more storage in your kitchen. This might include adding kitchen shelving, upgrading to custom kitchen cabinetry, installing a kitchen island, or incorporating a hanging pot rack.

    If your windows are old, worn, or damaged, you may be losing hot and cold air from your home’s heating and cooling systems. This forces the systems to work harder and longer to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, increasing your energy bills. Eco-friendly windows prevent cold and heat transference, allow your heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently and effectively.

    Kitchen Remodeling in Jacksonville, FL

  • A Look at the Environmental Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen

    Calling the kitchen remodeler near Jacksonville and getting your renovation underway is exciting, but did you know that it might also be good for the environment? When you replace your water heater, dishwasher, or sink, you present yourself with an opportunity to make your kitchen more efficient. You can even change your windows for more efficient models and enjoy a brand new aesthetic that you can feel great about. The fact that you are renovating an existing kitchen instead of building a new one can be good news for the environment in itself. Take a look ahead for more on the environmental benefits that come with a kitchen remodel. Benefits of Remodeling your Kitchen

    Upgraded Appliances

    Modern society recognizes the importance of efficiency and environmental friendliness, so it’s no coincidence that today’s kitchen appliances are more efficient than ever. Before you start your kitchen remodel, look at your options in terms of dishwashers, sinks, water heaters, and any other appliances you plan to have in your kitchen. Keep an eye out for an EnergyStar label, which can give you detailed information regarding the efficiency of each unit. A more efficient unit results in less waste and a more environmentally-friendly kitchen.

    Efficient Windows

    Just like your appliances, your windows contribute to your energy uses, but the right windows can also contribute to energy savings. If you find yourself leaving the lights on in the kitchen most of the time, consider addressing the lack of natural lighting in your home. You can use your kitchen remodel as an opportunity to install bigger windows that let more sunlight into the home. In addition to reducing the need for artificial lighting, this can also enhance your view of your outside property.

    Less Need for New Materials

    When you decide to undergo a kitchen remodel, the extent of the renovation is up to you. Even a small remodel can make a huge difference, and it will leave most of the space intact. The less you need to complete your remodel, the less effort must go into bringing in new materials; consider recycled materials for an extensive kitchen remodel.

  • The Benefits of Replacing Your Shower

    A bathroom remodel is a fantastic investment for your property. When you are working with plumbers in Jacksonville to plan out your bathroom design, you might want to consider replacing your old shower. A new shower will provide you with many advantages, while also helping to improve the safety and overall efficiency of your bathroom space. Your plumbing team will be able to help you plan and execute your shower replacement, from start to finish.

    One of the top benefits of replacing your shower is that a new shower installation will dramatically improve the style of your bathroom. As you plan out your new shower design, you will also have the option of including innovative features, such as slip resistant flooring and a state-of-the-art enclosure. You can also improve your comfort by choosing a spa-like shower head that features several different setting. An experienced plumber will be able to help you create the luxurious shower that you have always wanted.

    Shower Installation in Jacksonville, FL

  • Comparing Standard and Low-Flow Toilets

    When your toilet repair costs become more than you can afford, it may be time to talk to your plumber serving Jacksonville about a toilet replacement. A low-flow toilet is a water saving choice for your bathroom. These advanced toilets are designed to save water during every flush. Low-flow toilets feature unique outlet locations and water line positions, which allow them to achieve the same level of flushing performance while using much less water.

    To get started on your new bathroom design , be sure to contact a team of certified plumbers. A plumbing company will be able to answer your questions about different toilet models that you may want to use in your newly updated bathroom. Switching to a low-flow toilet is one great way that you can cut back on your daily water use.

  • Reasons to Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances

    A kitchen remodel is a sizeable project that, when complete, should serve your household beautifully and efficiently for years to come. If your current appliances are malfunctioning or unattractive, or if your monthly energy bill seems too high, then you may benefit from new appliances as part of your kitchen remodel near Jacksonville.

    Newer kitchen appliances offer homeowners several benefits. Replacing your outdated appliances can increase the value of your home, and is an investment you should consider if you are planning a kitchen remodel. Also, the design and function of the most recent appliance models may significantly improve your lifestyle and level of enjoyment while using your kitchen.

    One of the most substantial benefits of upgraded kitchen appliances is the promise of better energy efficiency. Switching out your water heater, dishwasher, garbage disposal, cooktop, oven, or refrigerator can potentially cut costs from your monthly energy bill while improving the look of your kitchen.

    Reasons to Upgrade Kitchen Appliances by Eagerton Plumbing