• Tank and Tankless Water Heaters: What’s the Difference?

    When it comes time to replace an old water heater, many homeowners debate whether to get a new tank-style water heater or switch to a tankless variety. Are you considering your options for a new water heater in Jacksonville? If so, then watch this video to learn about the differences between tank and tankless water heaters .

    Tank water heaters are the traditional option that constantly heats a tank of water to keep it at a set temperature. These appliances have heating components inside the unit that are usually fueled by either electricity, propane, or gas.

    Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, only heat water as it is needed, which is why they are sometimes called instant water heaters. The right tankless water heater setup for you will depend on your family’s hot water usage and your home’s plumbing.

  • When to Consider Re-Piping Your Water System

    When it comes to re-piping your home’s water system , it’s ideal to do this before a major problem occurs and causes significant damage to your home. Read on to learn when you should consider calling a plumber near Jacksonville about re-piping.

    The first consideration when it comes to replacing your pipes is their age. To determine the age of your plumbing, consult your home inspection report or hire a plumber to evaluate the system. Different plumbing materials have different lifespans, so ask your plumber if your pipes may be past their prime. If you have lead piping, then you should definitely consider re-piping because this type of system can leach lead into your water.

    Some other signs that mean it may be time for re-piping include leaky pipes, a recurring need for water line repairs, indications of corrosion on exposed pipes, and discolored water coming from your tap. If you have noticed any of these issues, then consider calling a plumber to inspect your home’s water system to determine if you’d benefit from re-piping services.

    Water System Repiping in Jacksonville, FL

  • Tips for Avoiding Problems with Your Drain Lines

    A new drain line installation in Jacksonville should last you a long time, as long as you use your plumbing systems the right way. If you’re not sure what shouldn’t go down the toilet or sink, it’s best to find out before you have to call your plumber for toilet repair. Try to avoid creating clogs in your drain lines, deal with the trees in your yard, and call your plumber for regular plumbing inspections. Continue on to pick up a few tips on how you can avoid drain line problems.

    Don’t Create Clogs Avoid Drain Lines Problems in Jacksonville, FL

    People call their plumbers because of drain line issues every day, but they are often preventable. If you experience a clog, there’s no need to call your plumber for toilet repair until you’ve tried using a plunger or auger yourself. The good news is that it’s easy to avoid clogs. Just make sure you don’t try to flush too much down your toilet, and make sure your family does the same. You should also let everyone know what should and should not go into the sink and garbage disposal. Keep coffee grinds, seeds, and large leftovers out of the disposal to avoid clogs and keep your drain line in shape.

    Deal with Trees

    If you can’t get your toilet to flush but it also doesn’t seem clogged, toilet repair might not be the answer. Waste travels from your home to a municipal system or septic tank using your drain lines, but sometimes there are obstacles. Trees can be particularly problematic for your drain lines. Since trees use their roots to search for water in order to grow, they often find their way into your drain lines. Talk to your plumber or landscaping professional to make sure your trees aren’t disturbing your drain lines.

    Maintain Regularly

    The more often your plumber inspects your systems, the healthier they will stay. You might not notice a small problem sign, but your plumber probably will. During the inspection, you can discuss what to do about the small issue so that it doesn’t compromise your plumbing system and require significant repairs.

  • What Green Plumbing Products Can Save You Money?

    When you make the decision to go green , it’s not just the environment that benefits. By using green plumbing products, you can actually cut down on your energy costs and end up saving money. If you’re looking for a more efficient bathroom design near Jacksonville, a low flow toilet may be a great addition. There are many other products that can help you go green and make your home more affordable as well. Keep reading for a quick overview of some of the green plumbing products that can save you money.

    More and more of today’s appliances are being designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind, and both the consumer and the environment stand to benefit. Tankless water heaters have begun replacing conventional water heaters. These new and improved models are smaller, and they don’t suffer from standby heat loss like older units do. Low flow toilets will also minimize the amount of water used when flushing the toilet, which also saves you money. You can even find economy showerheads to cut down on the amount of water that you use when you take a shower. All of these products can help you save money as well as the environment.

    Save Money with Green Plumbing Products in Jacksonville, FL

  • Drain Line Ventilation 101

    When your plumber creates a new plumbing system for your home, he will need to install drain line vents for each pipe and plumbing appliance. Drain line ventilation is essential for making sure that water is able to flow smoothly into the main sewer line, without gurgling or getting trapped. Your plumbers in Jacksonville will have the knowledge and tools that are needed to properly place your drain line vents and make sure that your entire plumbing system is operating smoothly. To help you prepare for an upcoming visit from your plumber, here is a look at the basics of what you need to know about drain line ventilation. Drain Line Ventilation

    Drain Line Vents Ensure Smooth Drain Flow

    The primary role of your drain line vents is to make sure that water flows smoothly through all of your drains. Without vents in the drain lines, flowing water would naturally create suction. This suction causes water to gurgle and become clogged. With properly installed and maintained drain line vents, you will be able to ensure that your plumbing system is not plagued by gurgling pipes.

    Drain Line Vents Should Be Installed Throughout the Home

    A properly installed plumbing system will contain many different drain line vents. In fact, each of your major plumbing fixtures and pipes needs to be equipped with a drain line vent unit. These drain line vents send trapped air to the outside, and they also help to eliminate wastewater odors. Your plumber will know precisely where each vent should be installed for maximum performance.

    Drain Line Vents Can Become Clogged

    When your plumbing system is having trouble clearing water through the pipes, the problem could lie in your drain line vents. Occasionally, the vents themselves can get clogged with debris. If the vent is fully blocked off, your drains and pipes may start to gurgle, whenever you turn on the tap. Since gurgling drains can indicate several other plumbing issues, you will want to have your plumber come to your home to check out the condition of your drains and vents.

  • What Are the Symptoms of a Plugged Plumbing Vent?

    If you have a plugged plumbing vent, then have a plumber out to address the issue soon. This type of plumbing repair in Jacksonville can cause a number of issues within your house, and it is important a professional plumber inspect your home in the immediate future. Watch the video and continue reading to learn the common symptoms of a plugged plumbing vent.

    A plugged plumbing vent will likely affect most of the plumbing fixtures throughout your home by causing slow drains. You may also notice a smell coming through your sinks, especially a kitchen sink that often collects food remnants. In addition to these common symptoms, your toilets may gurgle or bubble when you flush them. Even if these symptoms happen separately from each other, it is important that a plumber to inspect your sewer line and plumbing vent for any clogs.

  • The Right Way to Run Your Garbage Disposal

    Your garbage disposal is among the most commonly used appliances in your kitchen. In this video, you will learn all about the essentials of proper garbage disposal operation and maintenance. In order to run your garbage disposal properly, it is important to let cold water run through the system about 10 seconds before and after you turn it on. Your plumber serving Jacksonville can provide you with more garbage disposal operation tips.

    Whether you are ready for a kitchen remodel, or your current system needs a new drain line installation, your plumbers will be there to assist you. By working with a plumber that offers services in your local area, you can keep all of your kitchen plumbing fixtures in top working condition for many years to come.

  • How to Select New Plumbing Fixtures

    When you embark on a kitchen and/or bathroom remodel for your home, choosing new plumbing fixtures is one of the most important decisions that you will need to make. Fortunately, your plumber serving Jacksonville can walk you thorough the process of picking out the right fixtures for your new installation. The ideal plumbing fixtures will provide you with water conservation, while also updating the overall style of your bathroom or kitchen space. You will also need to make practical considerations, such as how your new plumbing fixtures will connect to your sewer line.

    To get the best results from your kitchen remodel, you will want to get in touch with a plumbing repair specialist. A team of plumbing installation experts will have the knowledge and tools required to select and install the right fixtures for your property. With your new fixtures in place, you will be able to fully enjoy your remodeled kitchen area.

    Plumbing Fixtures in Jacksonville, TX

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels: How to Get the Best Returns on Your Investment

    The summer season has arrived, and now is a terrific time to consider a bathroom or kitchen remodel for your home. When you work with a top rated bathroom remodeler in Jacksonville, you will be able to choose high quality fixtures and amenities that will completely transform your space. Not only will a kitchen or bathroom remodel provide you with a fresh new space, but a renovation project can also add great value to your home. To help you get started on your new bathroom design, here is a look at some tips for getting the best return on your investment for your project. Kitchen Remodeling by Eagerton Plumbing

    Choose Quality Fixtures

    When you are planning out your kitchen or bathroom remodel, high-quality fixtures can provide great value as you look to sell your home in the future. When you update your outdated faucets or shower heads with high efficiency models, you will make your bathroom much more appealing to prospective buyers. In addition, fixtures are a much less costly investment than large features, such as new countertops and floors.

    Consider Timeless Design Trends

    As you are planning out your kitchen and bathroom remodel, you may also want to explore some of the latest design trends. While some kitchen and bathroom design ideas may be relevant for only a few seasons, others are sure to stand up to the test of time. By choosing to follow design trends that will remain relevant for many years to come, you can make sure that you are able to get the best return on your investment.

    Consult With a Kitchen & Bath Renovation Expert

    Finally, it is a great idea to consult with your renovation expert when you are gearing up for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. An experienced renovation contractor will be able to advise you on which renovation procedures will add the best value to your home. With help from a team of renovation and plumbing professionals, you will be able to create the quality bathroom or kitchen of your dreams.

  • The Steps of Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

    The summer season has arrived, and during the warm months of the year it is likely that your plumbing system will experience more use than usual. From your water heater to your household drains and more, it is a great idea to make sure that all of your plumbing fixtures are in great working shape this summer. One of the most common plumbing repair emergencies in the summer is a broken garbage disposal. Fortunately, a plumber serving Jacksonville will be able to help you repair your garbage disposal and restore your kitchen sink to usable condition. To help you keep from needing to call the plumber, read on for some essential tips for maintaining your garbage disposal. Garbage Disposal Maintenance

    Run Your Disposal Often

    One of the best ways to make sure that your garbage disposal remains in peak working condition is to make sure that you turn on your appliance on a routine basis. If your garbage disposal is left to sit unused for days or weeks at a time, its internal components could become compromised. When you run your disposal, be sure to send cold water down the drain.

    Be Careful With Your Waste

    While your garbage disposal may seem like it can handle any type of cooking waste, it is actually important to be careful with what you send down the drain. Items such as bones, corn husks, or starchy potatoes, can all clog or damage your garbage disposal blades. When in doubt, you should always scrape food scraps into the trash.

    Clean the Blades Routinely

    To get the best performance from your garbage disposal over its lifespan, it is critical to make sure that you clean the blades on a routine basis. When you clean the blades, you can use a combination of ice cubes, rock salt, and white vinegar. The ice and salt will sharpen the blades, and the white vinegar will help to eliminate any odors. With these simple steps, you will be able to keep your disposal running great.