• Things to Consider Before Hiring a Plumbing Contractor

    Why do you need a plumbing contractor?

    When you have water where there isn’t supposed to be water, it is time to contact a plumbing contractor. Googling “local plumber” leads to numerous results, so how do you pair down your list to the plumber that you need to contact? We’ll explore some of the factors that you will need to consider before calling a plumber.
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    Bathroom Plumbing work In Jacksonville, FL

    Six Factors to Consider

    One of the biggest mistakes that customers make is to only ask about the price the plumber will charge. There are several other factors to consider and questions to ask of your plumber before hiring them. Here are the factors that will help you find the best plumber for your plumbing situation.


    You can’t gain experience without doing something the first time, but you don’t want your plumbing problem to be the first time your plumber has faced this issue. Ask your plumber how long they have been in business, how many times have they encountered the problem you are facing, and what is usually the result when they encounter your problem. The more often they have encountered your problem the more comfortable and confident they will be while fixing your problem. They will also do a better job, complete the task quicker, and not have to come back out and fix anything that they “fixed”.


    Just because we said you shouldn’t ask first about price doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask about price at all. Always ask for a price quote before agreeing to hire the plumber. Also, ask what the quote entails: priced by the job or by the hour and does it include all parts or just the parts they suspect they will need. When you consider the different prices you have been quoted, make sure they are equal quotes when you compare them. Just because one plumber has a lower quote doesn’t mean the final cost of repair will be the lowest. This also means that the highest quote means they will do the best work with the best quality products.


    Ask your potential plumber if they are licensed in your state, what license they hold, what certificates they hold, and if they are part of a union of plumbers. These licenses and certificates do not mean they will be flawless, but it does mean that they are held accountable to a third party agency and that their work is endorsed by them. When you ask for their license, verify their license number. Check to see if your state requires plumbers to be licensed because not all states require a license to perform plumbing tasks. Even if your state does not require a license you can enquire to see if complaints have been filed against your potential plumber.

    Insurance and Bonding:

    When a plumber carries insurance it protects them and you. Accidents happen while on the job, and your property and their person should be protected. Your plumber should also be bonded to cover the cost of the job in the event the terms of the contract are not met. The potential plumber should be bonded for a minimum of $500 but should be bonded for the entire cost of the job or for the job to be redone.


    You will come across some groups that do not recommend asking for references from your potential hire because they will only provide references of people who will speak positively of them. If you do ask for references and they aren’t able to provide any, or are hesitant to provide references, you should be hesitant to hire the individual. You can also do your own search of the individual plumber online to see what comes back and what kind of reviews people have given them.


    Your top plumbers will offer you a warranty without you even asking because they stand by their work, and if the work is substandard, they want to correct their mistakes and make it right. If your potential plumber doesn’t offer a warranty, you should ask them if they provide a warranty to back up their work. The warranty is not an indication or an expectation that they will perform substandard work, but a guarantee that the work that you pay for will be completed correctly, whether it be the first or second time.

    If you live in the Jacksonville, FL area and need a plumber, contact us at 904.638.7979 or online to discover our experience, prices, licenses we hold, insurance we carry, warranties that we offer, and reviews that our customers have left for us over the past 70 years.

  • A Look at the Plumbing Services Offered by Eagerton Plumbing

    Like most homeowners in the Jacksonville area, you expect your plumbing system to function properly on a daily basis. No matter how well your plumbing system was initially installed, however, it will eventually fail. That’s where Eagerton Plumbing of Jacksonville comes in. We’re proud to provide high-quality plumbing repair and installation services in Jacksonville .

    If you have a clogged drain, one of our plumbers can come to your property and clear it with high-pressure water jetting. If your toilet breaks, we can install a new one in no time. We also provide drain and sewer line installation for new construction homes and businesses. If your property’s existing drain or sewer line is leaking, we can provide prompt replacement. Our other services include slab leak repair, water heater repair, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Our plumbers have the skill and experience necessary to safely install faucets, water heaters, shower heads, and other fixtures and appliances. No matter what your plumbing needs are, our plumbing experts will gladly satisfy them.

  • Examining Some Common Sewer Line Problems

    Your sewer line is one of the most critical parts of your home plumbing system. When your sewer line malfunctions, this plumbing repair issue could result in a serious home emergency. If you are wondering whether your home is in need of a sewer line installation, it is a good idea to learn more about the most common sewer line problems. For example, sewer lines can easily rust over time. A rusting sewer pipe can leak and cause significant damage to your home and yard. In addition, tree roots growing in your yard can pierce the outer walls of your sewer pipe, leading to serious damage. A company offering plumbing repairs near Jacksonville can correct your sewer line issue. Whether you are in need of minor repairs or complete sewer line installations, the master plumbers at an experienced company can help get your sewer system back in proper working shape. Sewer Line Problems in Jacksonville, FL

  • Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

    If your current bathroom is starting to look dated, it may be time to embark on a bathroom remodeling project. With updated fixtures and other amenities, your bathroom can be transformed from shabby to chic. When you are remodeling your bathroom, you may want to include luxurious features, such as beautiful floor tiles and marble countertops. To make your marble countertops really pop, you may want to include accent pieces on your backsplash. A company offering plumbing repair and drain line installation can assist you with your bathroom remodel. By working with a qualified company offering plumbing repairs in Jacksonville, you can ensure that your remodeling project is a total success. For a closer look at some terrific bathroom remodeling ideas for your home, watch this video from HGTV.

  • Reasons to Choose an Environmentally Friendly Plumbing Company

    When you work with an environmentally friendly plumbing company , you will be able to help protect the Earth while ensuring that your home plumbing system is operating at peak efficiency. The master plumbers at an environmentally friendly plumbing repair company will help you reduce your water consumption and overall energy consumption. To improve the environmental impact of your home, a green plumber can install high efficiency fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom. With low flow fixtures, your household will be able to cut back on its daily water use. In addition, a green plumber can also offer you a variety of other services, including drain line installations and more. An eco-friendly plumber will also keep harsh chemicals and other toxic substances out of your home drains. By going green when you choose a plumber located in Jacksonville, you will feel great knowing that your plumbing repair services are also helping the environment.

  • What Are the Differences Between Soft and Hard Water?

    You might think that everyone’s tap water is the same, but this is far from the case. The quality of your water affects all of your plumbing appliances, fixtures, and systems, including your sewer and your hot water heater near Jacksonville. It helps to understand the distinction between soft and hard water. The hardness of water exists on a spectrum, and water that’s too far to one side can cause problems that require professional plumbing repairs . You can protect your appliances and your plumbing system as a whole by recognizing the differences. Continue reading to learn about the differences between soft and hard water.


    Your dishes should be sparklingly clean when you finish running the dishwasher, but if you have hard water, you might not be so lucky. Hard water has a tendency to leave a scaly residue behind. You might find it on your plates and silverware, in your bathtub or shower, or even inside your hot water heater. These residues are due to high concentrations of magnesium and calcium that are present in hard water. If you have soft water, you won’t have to worry about any kind of scaly buildup, and you’ll be pleased with what you see when you put your dishes away.

    Hard Water Residue Treatment by Eagerton Plumbing

    Soap Lather

    One of the biggest problems with hard water is that it is reluctant to create soap lather. The harder it is to get soap to lather, the more detergent or soap it will take to wash your dishes, your clothes, or even your hair. This means you have to spend extra money on cleaning products because it takes so much more to get the job done. With soft water, on the other hand, you’ll have no trouble getting your soap to lather. This saves money and makes doing chores and taking care of your hygiene that much easier.

    Shower Troubles

    A shower should be refreshing, but it might not be if you have hard water. It won’t lather well, and it might even make your skin or hair feel weird after you take a shower. Ask your plumber how you can soften your water.

  • Should You Choose a Vessel Sink?

    During a bathroom remodel , you may want to choose new fixtures and features that will provide your space with fantastic style. Your bathroom remodeler can help you pick out exciting new features for your bathroom, such as a vessel sink. Unlike a conventional drop-in sink, which sits below the surface of your countertop, a vessel is a basin-like unit that appears to rest on top of your counter. To help you decide whether a vessel sink will be a functional part of your new bathroom design, here is a look at some signs that you should choose a vessel sink for your bathroom remodel. A Vessel Sink

    You are seeking exceptional style.

    One of the top benefits of a vessel sink is that this type of sink is sure to wow your family and guests. In fact, you can expect your new vessel sink to serve as a focal point for your bathroom design. If you want to provide your new bathroom with over the top styling that showcases your personal flair, a vessel sink may be a great choice for your renovation.

    You want to speed up the installation process.

    To install a new vessel sink, you will need to work with a professional plumber. A fantastic advantage of a new vessel sink is that this type of sink is much easier to install than a conventional unit. Rather than having to cut your countertop to fit the size and shape of your sink, your plumber will simply be able to rest the vessel on the counter’s surface.

    You would like additional counter space.

    Counter space can be at a premium, especially if you are sharing your bathroom with a spouse or other family members. Installing a vessel sink is a simple strategy for clearing up additional counter space in your bathroom. Rather than having to cut away at your countertop to make room for your sink, you will be able to simply rest your vessel on the counter’s surface.

  • What Green Plumbing Products Can Save You Money?

    When you make the decision to go green , it’s not just the environment that benefits. By using green plumbing products, you can actually cut down on your energy costs and end up saving money. If you’re looking for a more efficient bathroom design near Jacksonville, a low flow toilet may be a great addition. There are many other products that can help you go green and make your home more affordable as well. Keep reading for a quick overview of some of the green plumbing products that can save you money.

    More and more of today’s appliances are being designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind, and both the consumer and the environment stand to benefit. Tankless water heaters have begun replacing conventional water heaters. These new and improved models are smaller, and they don’t suffer from standby heat loss like older units do. Low flow toilets will also minimize the amount of water used when flushing the toilet, which also saves you money. You can even find economy showerheads to cut down on the amount of water that you use when you take a shower. All of these products can help you save money as well as the environment.

    Save Money with Green Plumbing Products in Jacksonville, FL

  • What’s Wrong with Your Sewer Line?

    You need your sewer line so you can transport waste out of the house, and it needs to stay in working order. Even if you just had a new sewer line installation , you should still know what types of problems to look out for so you know when to call your plumber serving Jacksonville. Some of these issues might not turn out to be too problematic at all, while others might require hands-on work by your plumber. You may have a clog that renders your sewer line inoperable, broken pipes thanks to tree roots, or old and corroded pipes that have dropped in efficiency. Keep reading if you are wondering what could be wrong with your sewer line.

    Sewer Line Installation & Repair in Jacksonville, FL You’ve Got a Clog

    Whether due to misuse or faulty appliances, clogs are relatively frequent plumbing problems. Before you call your plumber for toilet repair, consider the way you have been using your drains. If you’ve been attempting to flush too much material down your toilet or pouring cooking grease down your kitchen sink, you may find yourself dealing with a clog. If you can’t use a plunger or auger to deal with these types of sewer line issues, call your plumber for a professional hand.

    Trees Have Broken Your Pipes

    The trees in your backyard need water in order to grow and survive, and the rainfall might not be enough. Tree roots naturally seek out sources of water, and established roots of older trees may make easy work of breaking through your sewer line to get to your wastewater. Unfortunately, this is not a problem that you can deal with on your own. You will need to call your plumber to find out the best way to go about addressing your tree root issue.

    Your Pipes Are Corroded

    Water will have a tough time flowing freely through pipes that are corroded or collapsed. If your home’s plumbing system is on the older side, that might be the problem with your sewer line. In this case, you might benefit from trenchless sewer line installation, so call your plumber and find out.

  • Dealing with an Overflowing Toilet

    An overflowing toilet can be a threat to the structural integrity and sanitation of your bathroom. In some cases, you can handle the problem on your own, but in other cases, you will need the help of a plumber serving Jacksonville. Watch this video for a few tips on how you can deal with your overflowing toilet.

    There are a few reasons your toilet might overflow, and sometimes you might need to call your plumber for toilet repair. On other occasions, however, you might be able to alleviate the issue yourself. A toilet typically overflows due to a clog, which can be easy to avoid. Refrain from flushing too much down your toilet, and don’t let your kids play with toys in the bathroom. If you do experience a clog and an ensuing overflow, be sure to use a plunger or an auger to remove the obstruction and return your toilet to normal.