Identifying the Signs of a Sewer Clog

Signs of a Sewer Clog

Your sewer line is the part of your plumbing that connects your household plumbing to the municipal sewer line. When your sewer line is in proper working order, it should be able to efficiently transport wastewater out of your home. Occasionally, your sewer line may require plumbing repair. One of the most common sewer problems is a sewer clog. Since a sewer clog can pose a serious health and safety risk for yourself and your family, you should be sure to contact a plumber serving Jacksonville at the first sign of an issue. To help you identify when it is time to call the plumber, here is an overview of some of the top signs of a sewer clog.

Signs of a Sewer Clog Strange Smells
When your plumbing is experiencing a sewer clog, you may notice unusual smells entering your home. A sewer backup can create odors that resemble a musty or sulfurous aroma. These odors may be centrally located around your drains or plumbing fixtures, or they may infiltrate your entire house. If you notice a bad smell coming from your drain, you should schedule plumbing services right away.

Unusual Noises
If your sewer line is clogged , you may hear unusual noises coming from your drains and pipes. For example, you may hear a loud gurgling noise when you send water down the drain. This sound could be an indication of a clog located deep within your sewer line. A plumbing company will have the diagnostic tools needed to pinpoint the precise location of the clog.

Overgrown Roots
To determine if your home is experiencing a sewer line clog, you may also want to check out the landscaping in your backyard. When older trees send their roots deep underground, they can cause significant clogs in your sewer line. If your sewer line has become compromised by overgrown tree roots, you may be a good candidate for trenchless sewer line repairs.