Keeping Calcium Off Your Faucets

Cleaning Calcium off Faucets

Over time, calcium deposits will build up on your faucets, causing plumbing problems and necessitating plumbing repairs near Jacksonville . You can reduce your need for frequent plumbing repairs by preventing calcium buildup from occurring in the first place. For instance, your plumber can install a water softener to reduce the natural minerals present in your water supply.

Watch this video for some great tips for keeping calcium off of your water faucets. A calcium buildup can cause low water pressure, damaged water appliances, and water leaks. If you have a minor calcium buildup, you can soak your faucet aerator in white vinegar for one to three days. For extreme calcium buildups, a plumber may recommend that you use muriatic acid to clean off the calcium deposits. Once you and your plumber remove the calcium deposits, your faucets will produce a much stronger water flow.