How to Lay Out Your New Kitchen

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Constructing a new kitchen is an exciting project for any homeowner. When you embark on a kitchen remodel near Jacksonville , you will be able to work with your kitchen remodeler to pick out the fixtures, appliances, and other features that fit best with your lifestyle. An important factor that you will need to consider during your kitchen remodel is the overall layout of your space. By considering the orientation of your kitchen or bathroom design, you can make sure that your room has the proper flow. Let’s look at some tips to consider when you are laying out your new kitchen.

Review Popular Layout DesignsPopular Kitchen Layout in Jacksonville, FL
When you are designing your new kitchen, you will want to gather inspiration and ideas from the different layouts that are popular today. Today’s kitchens feature many different layouts, including L-shaped designs, U-shaped formats, and completely open plans. By drawing your inspiration from other layouts that you see in design magazines or other resources, you can get a better idea of what type of layout will be suited to your family.

Evaluate Your Existing Space

A big factor that you will need to consider when you are laying out your kitchen is the size and shape of your kitchen space. If you have a large kitchen that is directly connected to a living room or family room area, you may want to choose an open kitchen layout that is built around a central island. Smaller spaces may be better suited to single wall kitchen layouts.

Determine Your Appliance Placement

Your kitchen remodeling team can help you decide upon the ideal placement for the different fixtures and appliances in your new kitchen. If you will be installing a gas range, for example, you will want to place your new stove on a wall that is connected to your natural gas line. Other appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers, will need to be connected to your electrical or plumbing systems.