Are You Flushing Away Money on Your Water Bill with an Old Toilet?

Toilet Repair in Jacksonville, FL

There are many ways to identify how to save money in your home, such as identifying how old your toilets are. Even though your toilet is meant to last several years with minimal toilet repairs or changes in water usage, it will be less efficient than modern toilets designed to use less water with every flush. Read on to see if your old toilets or frequent toilet repairs near Jacksonville are costing you more money than they should.

Toilets that are more than 30 years old should be replaced with new and more efficient models. Newer toilets can use less than two gallons of water every time you flush, but older toilets may use up to seven gallons a flush. By upgrading to a new toilet, you could save up to five gallons of water usage every time you go to the bathroom. This savings will soon show in your monthly water bills, and you will pay off your new toilet within a few months. Also, consider installing a new unit if you are frequently calling a plumber for toilet repairs. By reducing the number of toilet repairs, you can save money and water usage.

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