How to Select a Faucet for Your New Vessel Sink

Faucet for a new Vessel Sink

Vessel sink Vessel sinks are still on the rise, but they can be a nice addition to your bathroom or kitchen’s existing design. There are a couple of elements to think about when you look for the perfect vessel sink for your home. One of the most important elements will be your faucet. When you’re planning on taking on a kitchen or bathroom remodel near Jacksonville, you will need to focus on both the aesthetic value of your options as well as how they will operate. Read ahead for some advice on how to select a faucet for your new vessel sink.

When you choose a faucet for a vessel sink, you need to focus on 2 specific elements: your bathroom’s aesthetic design, and the practicality of the parts you’re looking at. First, think about whether you would prefer a faucet that is deck or wall mounted. A faucet that’s mounted to the deck is a good choice for taller faucets, while wall mounted faucets can be nice additions to brand new bathrooms. Always make sure your faucet opens up right above the center of your vessel sink to keep the water from splashing out of the bowl.