• Comprehensive HVAC Maintenance in Jacksonville, FL

    Essential HVAC Maintenance in Jacksonville

    Regular HVAC maintenance is vastly important. HVAC service will ensure the longevity of your system. Annual service calls will also keep your system running efficiently, which saves you money on utility bills. Even more important, keeping up with HVAC cleaning will ensure your indoor air is healthy. On the other hand, ignoring your heating and cooling systems will surely lead to premature breakdowns, costly repairs, and inefficient operation. At Eagerton Plumbing, we specialize in HVAC maintenance in Jacksonville, FL. We can help you get your HVAC system’s longest life and most reliable performance.

    HVAC Maintenance ChecklistHVAC Maintenance in Jacksonville

    Whether you call a professional or want to keep an eye on your system, an HVAC maintenance checklist should always be handy. Yours should include:

    • Air Filters Air filters may need to be cleaned or replaced every six months to ensure proper airflow and good air quality.
    • Coils – Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils are critical for the efficient operation of your air conditioner – not to mention its longevity.
    • Thermostat Settings – Ensure your thermostat activates your AC/heater at the proper temperatures. Also, be conservative with your thermostat settings to save money and spare your system from strain.
    • Lubricate Moving Parts – Keeping all moving HVAC parts lubricated will reduce harmful friction for your system and draw more electricity.
    • Electrical Connections – Loose electrical connections can pose a fire hazard. In addition to tightening these connections, voltage and current outputs from the motor should be tested.
    • System Performance – Air pressure should be tested to ensure proper airflow. Adjustments should be made as needed.

    Benefits of Professional HVAC Maintenance 

    While some items on the above checklist can be taken care of by the homeowner, most should be handled by a professional. Moreover, there are important benefits to hiring a certified HVAC contractor for maintenance:

    • Saves Money – A properly maintained HVAC system works efficiently. Efficient energy use will save you money on gas and electric bills. Regular maintenance is also the best way to prevent HVAC breakdowns.
    • Foresight – A professional HVAC technician will have the specialized tools and expertise to identify potential issues before they become serious and costly problems.
    • Extended HVAC Life – Regular, professional inspections will help extend the life of your system. HVAC replacements are always more expensive than annual maintenance calls.
    • Indoor Air Quality The most important benefit of professional HVAC maintenance is indoor air quality. A certified HVAC technician will know how to make necessary adjustments if indoor air quality has been compromised.

    The HVAC maintenance service at Eagerton Plumbing focuses on saving our customers money and improving indoor air quality. We will ensure your AC/heating system is running as efficiently as possible, which will extend its life. In addition, we offer affordable HVAC maintenance programs administered by our experienced and skilled technicians.

    Better Service for Your HVAC System

     At Eagerton Plumbing, we believe in giving our customers our utmost effort. That’s why we offer a wide variety of services, including:

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