The Steps of Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

Steps to Maintain Garbage Disposal

The summer season has arrived, and during the warm months of the year it is likely that your plumbing system will experience more use than usual. From your water heater to your household drains and more, it is a great idea to make sure that all of your plumbing fixtures are in great working shape this summer. One of the most common plumbing repair emergencies in the summer is a broken garbage disposal. Fortunately, a plumber serving Jacksonville will be able to help you repair your garbage disposal and restore your kitchen sink to usable condition. To help you keep from needing to call the plumber, read on for some essential tips for maintaining your garbage disposal. Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Run Your Disposal Often

One of the best ways to make sure that your garbage disposal remains in peak working condition is to make sure that you turn on your appliance on a routine basis. If your garbage disposal is left to sit unused for days or weeks at a time, its internal components could become compromised. When you run your disposal, be sure to send cold water down the drain.

Be Careful With Your Waste

While your garbage disposal may seem like it can handle any type of cooking waste, it is actually important to be careful with what you send down the drain. Items such as bones, corn husks, or starchy potatoes, can all clog or damage your garbage disposal blades. When in doubt, you should always scrape food scraps into the trash.

Clean the Blades Routinely

To get the best performance from your garbage disposal over its lifespan, it is critical to make sure that you clean the blades on a routine basis. When you clean the blades, you can use a combination of ice cubes, rock salt, and white vinegar. The ice and salt will sharpen the blades, and the white vinegar will help to eliminate any odors. With these simple steps, you will be able to keep your disposal running great.