Caring for Your Plumbing Over the Holidays

While you might be looking forward to having your family over for the holidays, your plumber serving Jacksonville is preparing for a busy time of year. If you want to keep your water heater, sewer line, and other plumbing components in proper shape through the holidays, it is important that you treat them properly. Watch this video for tips on caring for your plumbing over the holidays.

Many homeowners make similar plumbing mistakes throughout the holiday season, including improper use of the garbage disposal and sink. Your garbage disposal is not meant to be an alternative to your trashcan; rather, it should just remove the small food scraps that are leftover after your meal. Never pour grease down your garbage disposal or your sink. While some think that hot water will solve a grease buildup, cold water will actually solidify the grease and make obstructions easier to break down.