What Can You Do to Make Your Water Heater More Energy Efficient?

How to make a water heater more energy efficient

Although today’s hot water heaters near Jacksonville are more energy efficient than older units, you can still do your part to make the most of yours. Water heaters don’t operate all on their own, and you have control over how much the appliances heat your water. You can save money and make your hot water heater more efficient by slightly lowering the temperature, only using the water when you really need it, and taking care of your plumbing appliances. Here’s more on what you can do to make your water heater more energy efficient.

Lower the Temperature Energy Efficient Water Heater in Jacksonville, FL

Your hot water heater does the work, but you decide how hot the water gets. Chances are you won’t need scalding hot water most of the time, so consider lowering the temperature. If your hot water heater is producing slightly less heat, it needs slightly less energy. You can also use a timer that shuts your water heater off while you’re asleep and not using it, which can work wonders for your efficiency.

Don’t Leave the Water On

In most modern American households, you can simply turn on the faucet and get as much water as you need. Unfortunately, we take this for granted, and we end up wasting a great deal of water. We also bring down the efficiency of our hot water heaters in the process. There’s a great deal you can do to save water and protect your water heater. Even though you need it for all sorts of everyday tasks, you can still use your water more efficiently. Try to cut down your shower time, and don’t keep the water running the entire time you’re washing your hands or doing the dishes. These simple changes will take some pressure off your water heater.

Upgrade and Maintain Your Appliance

The more modern and well-maintained your hot water heater is, the better its efficiency will be. Upgrade to a new model if yours is old or malfunctioning, and make sure you remember to take care of your unit all year long.